General Features

The v2track platform and devices include the following capabilities:

Transmission Technology

  • Data TX/RX through cellular radio (GSM/GPRS/2G/3G/NextG/UMTS/HSDPA – optional LTE for USA market)
  • Data TX/RX through Iridium satellite radio (SBD)
  • Satellite Voice add-on option to make/receive calls from cockpit/cabin
  • Rapid Updates through Cellular, 15 secs by default, faster on request.
  • Iridium satellite link automatically used when out of cellular range.
  • Cellular data – “Store and Forward”. If there is no cellular connection available at any time (requiring the tracker to use the Iridium satellite link) the high rate cellular data is stored locally for TX when the cellular connection is next available
  • Bluetooth radio for connection to local devices (phones / tablets) using the v2Connect app or 3rd party solution using v2Connect API

Device Info

  • 10-32 volts DC
  • Cellular, Iridium satellite, Bluetooth 4.0 radios
  • Digital Inputs & Outputs
  • Analog Inputs
  • Audio Output, Mic Input
  • Internal Gyro and Accelerometer
  • External RS232 serial and USB ports
  • ARINC429 / CAN bus transmission option
  • 3x Front Panel Buttons ‘EMERG’, ‘MARK’, ‘I’M OK’
  • Plugin USB Mini QWERTY Keyboard (Messaging) option
  • Plugin USB Screen (Messaging) option
  • Remote Front Panel option


  • Website -> Device Messaging
  • Website -> Mobile Phone Messaging (SMS)
  • Device -> Website Messaging
  • Device -> SMS Messaging
  • Device -> Device Messaging
  • SMS -> Device (Reply from Device to SMS)
  • Wired Interface -> Device -> Website/SMS/Email/Device
    Supported: USB LCD screen, USB keypad/keyboards
  • Bluetooth Interface -> Device -> Website/SMS/Email/Device
    Supported: Android, Apple iOS, Windows mobile devices
  • WIFI:  iPad and iPhone


  • Flight Following Alerts
  • Odometer Reading Alerts
  • Movement Event Alerts (Start, Stop, Takeoff, Land)
  • Button Alerts (Emerg, Mark, I’m OK)
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Speeding Alerts
  • Aircraft Route Violation Alerts
  • Alerts Shown on Website
  • Alerts Sent by Email
  • Alerts Sent by SMS


v2track Viewer Website Interface

  • Realtime GPS Tracking
  • Desktop browser full featured viewer
  • Lightweight mobile browser viewer more suited to touch driven phones/tablets
  • Login and view your assets from anywhere!
  • Daily, Weekly, Custom Date Range History
  • Plotting of Trips
  • Trip Data Breakdown Position by Position
  • Altitude, Ground speed, and ROC/ROD Plotting
  • Exporting Trip to plot in Google Earth (KML)
  • Selection of Mapping Backgrounds
  • User Siteplans/Custom Backgrounds
  • Access to Airfields/Airstrip Markers for your country
  • Ability to add your own map markers
  • Customise Alerts
  • Measure Distance and Area on the Maps
  • Overlay Current Australian Weather Radar Imagery
  • Dynamically calculated ETA, TRK and DIST to destination waypoint for Aircraft
  • Offline Map version available for areas with expensive Internet traffic
  • Toggle On/Off Sending Asset Data to 3rd-Party system via AFF
  • Timely Support

Asset Specific Features


  • Automatically trigger generator failure, Excessive G, Rapid Descent and other alerts without pilot interaction
  • Relay Garmin waypoint/destination to website from aircraft GPS
  • Audio Output for New Message notification
  • Record and transmit data (ie FDC and ETM) from aircraft systems via RS232 and RS485
  • v2track panel lights and LCD screen can be automatically dimmed by connection to aircraft dimming bus
  • Approved ‘AFAMS’ tracking provider
  • Outputs AFF data to 3rd-Party systems
  • Accurate Flight-Time/Rotors-In-Motion, Total-Time and Maintenance-Time recording
  • Accurate Monsoon bucket/Bambi/hook release recording


  • Correctly determine stage of flight by optional Collective switch, Engine Out, RPM warning light sensors and monitoring generator voltage
  • Automatically trigger Engine Out, Generator failure, Over-Torque, Tail rotor failure, Rapid Descent and other alerts without pilot interaction

Vehicles, Heavy Machinery: Excavators, Mining & Hire Equipment

  • Track odometer, Engine running time
  • Record heavy acceleration / deceleration
  • Engine Hour report
  • Job location history. Record Startup / Shutdown times
  • Monitor sensors / warning lights
  • Transportation / Theft alert

Telemetry Applications

  • Monitor external sensors / voltages and data feeds
  • Control equipment via Digital Outputs
  • Send and Receive commands to external RS232, RS485, ARINC429, CAN bus or USB connected equipment from website


If something you require is not here, please let us know as it may be something that we have forgotten to list here or is a feature we can easily add for you!

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