v2track V5 – Dual Satellite/Cellular tracking device

This is no ordinary tracker. While traditional flight trackers are limited to using satellite networks, v2track revolutionized the industry by introducing a tracker that uses both satellite and cellular networks. What’s the benefit? Lower cost, greater safety.

How? Our clever dual-mode hybrid system uses inexpensive cellular networks when available, switching to more expensive satellite networks, like Iridium, only when out of cellular range. Shifting between cellular and satellite is completely automatic. v2track saves you money—and you don’t have to do a thing.

And lower costs allow you to track with greater precision. Because cellular networks cost less to use than satellite trackers, you can affordably increase the frequency of your updates. That enables you to monitor aircraft/vehicles with pinpoint accuracy—accuracy that, in an emergency, could save lives.


By default, our devices are set at either 10 or 15 second updates while connected to a Cellular data network and 2 minutes while on Satellite. These default update rates can be set/altered to suit your requirements and with some customisation we can accommodate burst modes down to 1 – 5 seconds for specialised applications.

v2track trackers use the “Store and Forward” architecture when operating outside cellular coverage to store high detailed cellular tracking data for rapid uploading when the tracker next has a cellular connection.