v2track Viewer

Cloud based asset viewing & interaction platform.

The v2track Viewer is web based, hosted in the cloud. This means that there is no need to download any installed programmes, or updates.
With a desktop website, and a mobile app, every time that you log in, you’ll be using the most up to date version.

Here in the v2track Viewer you to monitor all your aircraft/vehicles/assets in real-time.
It retains a permanent history of every trip/session so you can go back and review it at a later time.

Desktop and simplified mobile friendly version.


Our v2track devices can be used for 2-way messaging using a bluetooth connected tablet/phone app, or via our optional LCD screen with preset messages. Messages can be sent from the v2track Viewer web portal to devices or mobile phones.  Device initiated messages can be sent to emails, mobiles, other v2track devices, and displayed to users logged into the v2track Viewer web portal.

For more information please refer to our Advanced Messaging page.

General Alerts

A variety of SMS, Email and Website Alerts can be set up for each device.  These include: Speeding Alerts, Out of Hours use and Date based alerts for tracking things like Registrations/Servicing and Odometer readings.  You can also set up Alerts to notify you when an asset enters or leaves a predefined Geographic Area.

Flight Following Alerts

We have the following Flight Following alerts available from our servers.  You can customise the parameters for your own fleet.

  • Proximity Alert: If aircraft appears to have landed (ie speed less than 10kts)
    more than 1.5 miles from a known helipad or airstrip.
  • Non Reporting Alert: A device hasn’t been heard from for more than 10 mins and
    the last position it sent it was moving.

Daily History, Playback and Reports

The v2track website provides an extensive daily history allowing you to drill down into each trip and see the data in each position.  You can also plot or play-back a previous trip, view its vertical profile, or export it to Google Earth in a KML file.  There are custom reports available.  You can get a summary of information based on a period in time, ie weekly/monthly trip reports.  We can add custom reports on request.

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