The v2track hybrid Sat/Cell GPS tracking system provides a wide range features that are used in conjunction with the tracking hardware.  The system has been designed with ultimate flexibility to suit particular customer requirements.

Some of the v2track Advanced Message & EFB features include:

  • Advanced two way Messaging
  • Transmission of Destination and Waypoint Information
  • Transmission of Pilot/Driver/Operator and other trip information
  • Create and submit electronic Flight Manifest, Weight & Balance and other custom forms back to base.  The custom forms can be fully customised for your exact requirements/work flow and are hosted inside the v2Connect app.
  • Interactive Checklist
  • Request the current position of other assets in your fleet
  • v2Connect API
  • Satellite phone dialer for Iridium Voice equipped v2track hardware

Communication Options

There are multiple ways to connect to the Hybrid v2track hardware:

  • v2Connect, our iPad, Android and Windows 10/11 phone & tablet app connecting via Bluetooth
  • Your own custom app, connecting via Bluetooth or RS232 and using the v2Connect API
  • Wired connection – USB LCD Screen (readable in full sun) with optional USB QWERTY keypad