The v2track hybrid Sat/Cell GPS tracking system provides a wide range of market leading communication features that are used in conjunction with the tracker inside the aircraft/vehicle.  The system has been designed with utmost flexibility which allows v2track to easily customise components to suit your particular requirements.

Some of the v2track Advanced Message & EFB features include:

  • Advanced two way Messaging
  • Transmission of Destination and Waypoint Information
  • Transmission of Pilot/Driver/Operator and other trip information
  • Create and submit electronic Flight Manifest, Weight & Balance and other custom forms back to base.  The custom forms can be fully customised for your exact requirements/work flow and are hosted inside the v2Connect app.
  • Interactive Checklist
  • Request the current position of other assets in your fleet
  • v2Connect API

Communication Options

There are multiple ways you can connect to our Hybrid v2track hardware to take advantage of these communication features listed on this page:

  • v2Connect, our iPad, Android and Windows 8.1/10 tablet app connecting via Bluetooth
  • Your own custom app, connecting via Bluetooth or RS232 and using the v2Connect API
  • Wired connection – USB LCD Screen (readable in full sun) with optional USB QWERTY keypad