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New v2Connect update now in app store

21 February 2020

A new update for v2track’s v2Connect mobile app has gone live in the app stores for iOS, Android and Windows. The v2Connect mobile app connects to the v2track trackers via Bluetooth or WiFi and is the messaging, communication and EFB-forms/template hub inside your cockpit. v2Connect is available for both phones/iPhones and tablets/iPads.

New features in this update:

  • Paperwork reduction – Custom general forms/manifests have been added with the ability to sync daily job bookings, customer info and many additional parameters from scheduling platforms. Job details can be filled out over the day and automatically synced back to base drastically reducing the amount of post flight manual entry of paperwork into electronic systems.
  • Control Iridium voice calls for compatible hardware (hardware upgrades for existing trackers to support voice are now available).
  • The ability to read wireless beacons to speed up the population of personnel, cargo and role equipment weight and station details into your custom manifest and weight and balance calculations.
  • Manual Flight Watch (loss of tracking) Stop/Start has been added to v2Connect. Previously this was only able to be used via the optional hardwired LCD.
  • Bluetooth connectivity from iPhones has been added. Previously iPhones were only supported via WiFi.

For more information please contact us via our website

v2Connect is the messaging and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) companion app to use alongside v2track’s aircraft, vehicle, marine and heavy machinery GPS tracking hardware.

v2Connect when connected to v2track hardware gives you full two-way messaging capabilities between the app and v2track website, other v2track equipped planes/vehicles etc and also out to cellular phones (SMS) and email addresses.

In addition to messaging the app also provides the ability to set the driver/pilot in command, enter a flight destination, calculate weight and balance/manifests and complete flight checklists. All these details are automatically transmitted by the connected v2track tracker to the v2track tracking website.

v2Connect requires a Bluetooth or WiFi connection between your mobile device and v2track tracking hardware for real time messaging operation and is not a standalone product.
A significant advantage the v2Connect/v2track solution has over most EFB platforms is that completed forms & manifests can not only be submitted from the mobile device (phone/iPhone/tablet/iPad via internal cellular or WiFi) but also via the v2track tracker (cellular or Iridium satellite).
This important difference gives full visibility even when operating outside of cellular and WiFi coverage for extended times.

You can learn more about v2connect on the v2track website.

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