Coastal Aviation is a renowned aviation tourism company with its headquarters located in Dar-Es-Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. With over 30 years of experience, Coastal is recognized for its extensive flying safari network, reaching innumerable destinations, as the remotest parts of Tanzania and East Africa can be opened-up to intrepid travellers.

The company started as an inbound operator offering “Personalized Safaris & Air Charters” at a time when tourism was not developed. The original Coastal fleet comprised of one Aircraft, a Cessna 206 and three beautiful large dhows which is a traditional sailing vessel and is still prevalent in the company’s logo.
As the country experienced economic development, sailing to Zanzibar became a business for faster-powered boats. Coastal Aviation switched its focus to the aviation side of the business and started to bring in the larger Cessna Grand Caravans and Pilatus PC12 aircraft. The aircraft fleet has now grown to 30 aircraft.

By 2015 Coastal Aviation had another tracking system in place, but the experience had not been a positive one forcing them to reassess their options. They then investigated and trialled the v2track Hybrid Cellular and Satellite system and found it to be both reliable and a great fit. As a bonus, the areas that Coastal Aviation operate in had reasonably good cellular coverage and this added to the benefits of switching to v2track by also reducing operating costs. In addition, the use of v2track’s 2-way messaging has improved company communication between the air and ground for Coastal Aviation’s pilots and ground staff.

Today, Coastal Aviation operate to roughly 100 airstrips located in some of the most isolated pockets of Eastern Africa. “We depend on the ability to be able to reassure our customers that we have control of our fleet, wherever the aircraft are. Introducing v2track to our business has now given us the confidence of tracking our aircraft at any time allowing us to expand and fly to the places that our travellers want to explore.” – Dixita Patel, Sales & Marketing Executive

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