To outsiders, the landlocked country Bhutan at the base of the Himalayas, is known for its “jewelled jungles and soaring peaks”. With over 10,000km of roading built in the last 50 years, the mountainous terrain and dense jungle still causes goods and services to be delayed.

Based at Paro International Airport, Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services Ltd (RBHSL) was established on August 10th 2015, with helicopter services starting on the 5th of November.

RBHSL are the only helicopter company in Bhutan, operating two Airbus H130 helicopters. These two aircraft travel all over the country carrying out various tasks such as scenic flights and medical transfers.

Where the RAVEN soars – We FLY!

When asking Garab Wangchuk the Manager of HELI-Flight Operations at RBHSL why the company choose v2track, he responded with “Recommended to us by Airbus Helicopters, we opted to use it on a trial run but eventually committed to it. v2track has been a wonder for our operations and it has greatly supported operations in flight planning, reviewing of flights and fleet allocations. With v2track, we can easily task a pilot with various jobs. Although all mentioned above are positive aspects of v2track, the most critical fundamental support of the v2 is the flight following. v2 has greatly enhanced flight dispatch in keeping track of our fleet while on missions and any possibility of SAR can be efficiently managed.”

“When v2track was first introduced to RBHSL, the v2track system was embraced as if it was almost a second crew.”

For more info please visit Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services Ltd’s website


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