C208BCountry-wide Finance is an Australian aircraft leasing business based in Rockhampton, Queensland. Ian Jarvis, the Director of Country-Wide finance, has been leasing aircraft out to commercial charter companies and airlines for the last 15 years.  Holding commercial fixed-wing and rotary wing pilot qualifications, Ian has years of experience flying a wide range of aircraft.  He uses his aviation and business expertise to enhance, and provide quality equipment, in his aircraft.

Over time the Country-wide finance’s lease fleet has included Cessna 210’s, GippsAero GA8’s, Cessna Caravan (C208)’s, Cessna Grand Caravans (C208B)’s and a Bell Jet-ranger.  These leased aircraft are in used in Scheduled Services, Mining, Community Development and remote area operations such as line surveys and aerial baiting/pest eradication.

Country-wide Finance primarily uses v2track for keeping track of their assets being used by different customers in far corners of Western Australia, Northern Territory and throughout Queensland.  Ian says that “any leasing company wants to know that their assets are being well utilised and I have a duty of care to the companies leasing the aircraft to provide a reliable way to find the aircraft quicklyB206 in any emergency situation”.  After seeing v2track firsthand, many of the clients of Country-wide finance have taken it a step further and installed v2track into the rest of their fleet.

Ian has utilized portable versions of the v2track Sat/Cell trackers in ferry flights from the USA and New Zealand for newly-acquired Cessna Caravan’s heading to his customers in Australia.  Ian was a crew member on the ferry flight across the Pacific and says “having a v2track unit on-board gave me personal re-assurance that someone knew exactly where we were the entire way through the journey.”

Since being one of v2track’s initial launch customers for the v2track Hybrid Satellite/Cellular system almost a decade ago, Ian has been using the system in his entire fleet.  The v2track team has appreciated his valuable input and ideas enhancing the continued development of v2track.

While not on v2track’s payroll, Ian has many business contacts to whom he has introduced v2track.  Many of these have become v2track users as well, even if they formally used another tracking system!  Thanks Ian!

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