YAJASI (Yayasan Jasa Aviasi Indonesia) is an Indonesian not-for-profit organisation that has been flying to Papua’s most isolated communities for over 20 years. They operate Pilatus PC-6s and a Pilatus PC-12 in and out of remote mountain airstrips.

Nate Gordon from Yajasi shares: “In 2013 we switched our fleet tracking program to v2.  We have been very pleased with the results.  Yajasi operates a fleet of five aircraft over remote and inhospitable terrain where past searches for missing aircraft have stretched into weeks, so the security of reliable aircraft tracking has been the primary value of the v2 system to us.  We have found the equipment and operating costs to be reasonable as well.  The low-bandwidth web interface is really important to us as internet connectivity in our part of the world is poor.  The equipment has held up well in our high-heat, high-humidity, high-vibration environment.

Beyond aircraft tracking, the real icing on the cake of the v2 system are the two-way communications capabilities that v2 brings us.  The v2 product has revolutionized the way we communicate with our fleet.  Pilots frequently send critical messages through to our Flight Coordinator or Maintenance personnel that are received directly on the recipients mobile phones.  Our Flight Coordinator can much more efficiently communicate routing changes to our aircraft–and even if the aircraft on the ground in the field, he knows the aircraft will get the message when it powers up.  We’ve also been able to leverage the v2 Connect API to integrate into an in-house tablet app that makes these communications capabilities really shine.

Finally, the product support that we’ve received from v2 has been second to none.  The team is responsive and solves issues quickly.  They have implemented many changes and improvements that we have suggested in time frames that just don’t happen elsewhere in the asset-tracking market.  Keep up the great work, v2!

More information about Yajasi can be found at www.jaars.org/about/partners/yajasi

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