v2track Platform: Garmin Handheld Device Integration

Did you know that you can connect Garmin handheld devices with the v2track Platform?

For over 2 years, v2track has supported the integration of a range of Garmin devices including Garmin’s inReach Explorer®+, inReach® Mini, Montana® series, and the GPSMAP® series which includes the GPSMAP® 67i and GPSMAP® 66i.

This integration allows the display of positioning, 2-way messaging, and display of emergency alerts for these devices. This connection extends also to any of the other wide range of messaging-enabled devices hosted on the v2track platform to send and receive messages to/from the Garmin units using v2track’s powerful @handle messaging capabilities.

Once the above information is received into the v2track system, it can be relayed to a 3rd party, allowing v2track to act as your one-stop-shop integrator of multiple device types – perfect for fulfilling your contractual requirements for firefighting and other key contracts.

Whether you are a tourist operator in New Zealand equipping hikers with Garmin units for bush walks in remote areas, or a fire-fighting helicopter company in South Africa using Garmins to track their company vehicles, we’ve got you covered.

Talk to us today about integrating your Garmin devices!