Have you tried v2track Status Boards?
Status Boards, Battle Boards, Arrival Boards – different sectors call them different things, but whatever it is you need, there’s a high chance it is already supported by our v2track Status Board module.

This powerful feature is a game changer for anyone involved in managing a task/dispatch/on-call related fleet, such as Firefighting, EMS, SAR, and Charter.

Supported by both desktop and mobile browsers, this cloud-based collaborative tool lets you view and manage important information about your assets in one place – in your office/dispatch/control room and by staff out in the field.

This v2track premium add-on feature is fully customisable.  There are well over 100 standard columns that can be displayed in a grid format, and any number of custom note fields, operator attributes, or asset attributes. Each row or cell in the board can be styled using customisable rules.

Within seconds, any fields you change/update will be updated on all other instances of your status board being viewed anywhere in the world.

Here are some examples of columns that can be displayed:

  • Asset status (active/inactive) with the direction the asset is currently travelling.
  • The geocoded location of the asset.
  • When the asset was last active.
  • The currently set destination and next waypoint for an asset, plus ETA and EET to the destination and next waypoint.
  • ATU data (e.g. AFDAU and Trotter Datavault) including number of fills and drops, and fill and drop quantities for this trip/day/week/month, as well as the current product onboard as reported by the AFDAU unit.
  • All tracking information reported by the tracker, including speed, GPS altitude, direction, and rate of climb/descent.
  • Gyroscope readings reported by the tracker.
  • We have customers using our status boards customised as Arrival Boards
    with ETA at the airports they regularly fly to. The ETA’s are updated automatically based on several data points transmitted from the aircraft GPS and flight plan.
  • Data from our Schedule module, integrating Personnel onboard, Origin, Destination, and capability information.

We can customise a specific status board to suit the needs of an operator.  This ensures you get the best result and it works just how you need it to.

v2track Status Boards can take your fleet management to the next level! Don’t wait any longer, contact us today. We’d love to chat through the possibilities that this tool can open up for you!

– the v2track team.