v2track has been developing its hybrid Asset Tracking Systems (ATS) for over 8 years. First focusing on aircraft, then trucking and now the system is successfully deployed in a number of forestry assets. Owners and operators of haulers, harvesters and other vehicles are getting real time information about what is happening out in the forest on their computers and mobile devices.

An ATS uses a combination of GPS technology and in most instances either cellular data or Iridium satellite to track vehicles, planes, boats, and other assets. The unit links into a variety of machine sensors to intelligently determine the operation location, running hours and performance of an asset in real time. While most ATS systems are either cell or sat based, the v2track system incorporates both cellular data and Iridium satellite technology to seamlessly switch between cellular and Iridium satellite data networks. This hybrid creates a cost effective and never out of reach ATS that includes messaging and key sensor monitoring.

Multiple users can log in at the same time via computer, tablet or smartphone. The website displays realtime data in both map and key data formats and also functions as a hub of the two way text message system for fleet managers. In addition messages can be automatically routed between trackers and to and from cellular phones which the manager supervising the message process can control.

  • Real-time Asset Tracking
  • Monitor Running Hours
  • View Asset History
  • Send/Receive Messages
  • Hybrid (Cellular & Iridium) Tracking
  • Custom Alerts & Sensor Monitoring

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