v2track can now relay positioning data to FlightAware

v2track and ‘Live Flight Tracking’ website FlightAware now have a data-exchange agreement enabling users of v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid technology to opt-in to display their tracking data on both the v2track Viewer web portal, and the FlightAware platform.

v2track on FlightAwareSherron Racz, Aviation Sales at FlightAware, says “v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell technology is very impressive and really improves tracking frequency.  Typically with Radar we see 1 position per minute and with v2track we are seeing 4-5 positions per minute! It’s an amazing solution for comprehensive coverage during flight operations.”

For individuals who operate IFR within FlightAware’s primary coverage areas, their v2track positions will appear on FlightAware automatically to provide a more comprehensive flight tracking solution using v2track’s Hybrid Satellite/Cellular GPS hardware.  FlightAware offers Global solutions for operators to display their v2track positions on FlightAware when operating outside of FlightAware’s primary coverage area.  Please contact FlightAware for further information.

v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell technology utilizes cost effective and rapid cellular transmissions whenever possible, backed up with the reliability of a satellite data link for complete tracking in every location.  While operating in cellular coverage, positioning information is transmitted every 15 seconds (or faster) via cellular data, seamlessly switching to Iridium satellite for a predefined update rate when it loses cellular signal.  There is good cellular coverage at altitude in many countries around the world so this helps keeps tracking costs to a minimum.

FlightAwareLogoBodyFor more information, please contact v2track.

More information about FlightAware is available at www.flightaware.com