v2track is now an approved AFAMS tracking provider

Last week v2track become an approved ‘AFAMS’ tracking provider.

The Australian Fire Aircraft Monitoring System (AFAMS) is the national aircraft tracking and event logging system for aeroplanes, helicopters and ground-based vehicles on contract to the Australian National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC).

With this approval, v2track’s Hybrid Satellite/Cellular GPS tracker can now be used to provide real-time positioning data to AFAMS. In ‘v2track viewer’, v2track’s web interface, the owner of the aircraft or vehicle can dynamically opt-in and out of sharing the data so that it is only sent to AFAMS for the duration of their current firefighting contract.

v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell technology utilises cost effective and rapid cellular transmissions whenever possible, backed up with the reliability of a satellite data link for complete tracking in every location. While operating in cellular coverage, positioning information is transmitted every 15 seconds (or faster) via cellular data, seamlessly switching to Iridium satellite for 2 minute (or faster) updates when it loses cellular signal. There is reasonable cellular coverage at altitude around many remote areas in Australia so this helps keeps tracking costs to a minimum.

For more information, please contact v2track.

More information about AFAMS is available at http://www.nafc.org.au