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Nepal is a country well-known and loved around the world. It is home to 8 of the world’s top 10 highest peaks, putting it on tourist maps and bucket lists for many travellers and explorers.  Amongst the picturesque and often rugged scenery, Nepal is home to over 26 million people. These are spread over the Terai (southern plains), the capital city Kathmandu (2.6 million), central highlands and northern mountains. The majority of the population lives in towns and villages in the central highlands.

Most will have seen images in the media of the large earthquake and subsequent aftershocks of April 2015. Affecting numerous countries in the region, the earthquake epicentres were in the Kathmandu Valley, between the Central highlands and the capital city of Nepal.  They killed over 9000 and injured over 23,000 people. In Nepal, over 450,000 people were displaced as homes and entire villages were left in rubble, sometimes taken out by resulting avalanches.

So what has this got to do with v2track?

v2track in Helicopter
The view from inside a Fishtail Air AS350 on a disaster relief mission tracked by v2track. © MAF


For over 9 years, New Zealand based company v2track has been providing a GPS tracking service for vehicles, forestry applications, fixed-wing and helicopter operations in New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Asia, Africa and North America. While there are many satellite-only GPS tracking systems on the market, v2track continues to stand out from the crowd. v2track’s unique hybrid Cellular/Satellite GPS tracking equipment provides high detail (10-15 second) updates of position (while in cellular range) switching to iridium satellite only when required. This keeps costs down and gives customers a better picture of where their assets are and what they are doing. More importantly, in an aviation context, it can massively reduce a search radius if an aircraft was to go missing, saving days of searching in a rugged mountainous environment, potentially saving lives.

Since 2012, v2track has been used by a commercial aircraft operator throughout rural Nepal with a variety of scheduled and charter flights, many ferrying tourists to Lukla (Tenzing-Hillary Airport) – a busy small town where many start their climb to Mount Everest Base camp.

On the 14th of October 2014, a massive snow storm caused a series of avalanches in the Himalaya range, including the Annapurna Circuit – a popular tourist trek. 50 people died with over 175 injured with an estimated 50 still missing. A few months earlier, a Nepalese helicopter company had seen the benefit of the v2track system and upgraded to a v2track Cell/Sat unit from another tracking system they had been using. Their ground staff in Nepal and v2track staff watched back in New Zealand as their Helicopters flew countless flights in the area helping with evacuations and transporting medical personal.

Some of the damage caused by the Nepal earthquakes. © MAF/Dave Forney


Fast forward to April 2015 and the earthquake response by both the Nepalese Government and many foreign NGO’s required helicopters, and lots of them! With unprecedented demand for flights, helicopter operators in Nepal started working around the clock taking essential supplies and relief workers to affected areas.

With the increase in air activity, aviation safety was also on everyone’s mind. Almost immediately v2track was contacted by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), an existing customer who operates fixed wing aircraft in remote regions around the world. They wanted some more v2track hardware to take with them to Nepal as part of setting up an emergency response centre and partnering with a local helicopter company, Fishtail Air, to provide flights for NGO’s and aid workers.

3 weeks after the Earthquake, the US Marines lost a helicopter on an aid mission in Nepal’s Dolakaha district. On board were 6 U.S marines and 2 Nepalese soldiers. It took three days to locate the wreckage and tragically there were no survivors. This tells something of the type of terrain these Helicopter pilots are working in, and how tracking aircraft is so important in such a country, indeed any country.

In the following weeks and months after the earthquake as helicopter pilots, aid workers, and support personal worked tirelessly to meet the many needs in the earthquake affected regions, v2track was been contacted by company after company in Nepal wanting our Hybrid Cellular/Satellite system in their helicopter operations to the point that we now have v2track being used by almost every Nepalese helicopter company, with the remaining companies planning to roll it out shortly. As in most developing and developed countries, the cellular network allows the for v2track system to be used to its full capability, with high detailed updates in large portions of the flights. Often satellite transmission is only required for flights in the remotest valleys.

John Woodberry, MAF Disaster Response Manager in Nepal says “v2track has been a great part of helping respond and to meet needs in remote areas of Nepal affected by the earthquake. For planning, our office staff were always able to see where the helicopters were to brainstorm additional flights, and for safety we always knew where they were. It is a wonderful tool for safe and quality flight operations.”

A video showing some of the ways organisations are helping in the Nepal disaster relief effort.


The MAF Disaster Response team goes on to say “We recently received a call from the security officer from the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) saying that they had heard that a helicopter may have gone down and was it one of Fishtail Air’s. Due to the v2track system we were able to confirm in 30 seconds it was not, because both ourselves and the Fishtail operations team were able to see the helicopter flying with it’s exact location. The good news was that it was a false alarm as no helicopter had gone down.”

As life and the world media has moved on to cover the next unfolding crisis, please remember the people of Nepal. There are many still suffering and there is still much to be done to rebuild lives and communities. The relief efforts still continue.

While we at v2track can’t be involved first-hand in the relief effort, we are honoured to have a small part in helping the organisations that are flying these helicopters, and the organisations who have staff travelling in them, as they carry out their work – ensuring they know where their staff are at all times.

Imagine being able to watch a previously tracked flight in 3D, from the perspective of the pilot!

The high rate data coming from a v2track Hybrid Cellular/Satellite unit provides the perfect dataset for our 3D export to Google Earth™ or Microsoft Flight Simulator X. We’ve produced two videos (below) to show you how exported trips can come alive when you export them from v2track to either of these two programmes. The quantity of points to make up the base data just isn’t possible/economical to transmit with many other satellite-only tracking systems on the market!

v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell technology utilises cost effective and rapid cellular transmissions whenever possible, backed up with the reliability of a satellite data link for complete tracking in every location. While operating in cellular coverage, positioning information is transmitted every 15 seconds (or faster) via cellular data, seamlessly switching to Iridium satellite for 2 minute (or faster) updates when it loses cellular signal. High rate data is stored on the v2track device while outside of cellular coverage and transmitting on satellite. When the device gets back in cellular range it will transmit the stored data so that you always have a complete detailed trip record, no matter where you fly!

The possibilities for such tools are numerous.  Our customers are already finding it useful for

  • Flight student debriefing
  • Route training & visualisation for line pilots
  • Pilot performance monitoring
  • Safety investigation.
  • Personal Interest

Contact us today to see how v2track can enhance the way your company operates!


v2track Trip Export to Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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v2track Trip Export to Google Earth™

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v2track has featured in the recent edition of Aviation Trader’s “Airwaves” publication.
v2track – A Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell Tracking, Communication and EFB System“.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand get your closest copy of Aviation Trader/Airwaves (April 2015) and turn to page 11.   For everyone else, you can read the article by clicking on the images below.

Airwaves ScreenshotArticle Screenshot

For more information about Aviation Trader/Airwaves, check out

v2track has featured in the recent edition of New Zealand’s KiwiFlyer magazine.   “v2track: Much more than asset tracking“.  

If you are in New Zealand get your closest copy of KiwiFlyer (Issue 38) and turn to page 10.   For everyone else, you can read the article by clicking on the link below.


For more information about KiwiFlyer, or to read older editions of the magazine, check out


v2track and ‘Live Flight Tracking’ website FlightAware now have a data-exchange agreement enabling users of v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid technology to opt-in to display their tracking data on both the v2track Viewer web portal, and the FlightAware platform.

v2track on FlightAwareSherron Racz, Aviation Sales at FlightAware, says “v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell technology is very impressive and really improves tracking frequency.  Typically with Radar we see 1 position per minute and with v2track we are seeing 4-5 positions per minute! It’s an amazing solution for comprehensive coverage during flight operations.”

For individuals who operate IFR within FlightAware’s primary coverage areas, their v2track positions will appear on FlightAware automatically to provide a more comprehensive flight tracking solution using v2track’s Hybrid Satellite/Cellular GPS hardware.  FlightAware offers Global solutions for operators to display their v2track positions on FlightAware when operating outside of FlightAware’s primary coverage area.  Please contact FlightAware for further information.

v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell technology utilizes cost effective and rapid cellular transmissions whenever possible, backed up with the reliability of a satellite data link for complete tracking in every location.  While operating in cellular coverage, positioning information is transmitted every 15 seconds (or faster) via cellular data, seamlessly switching to Iridium satellite for a predefined update rate when it loses cellular signal.  There is good cellular coverage at altitude in many countries around the world so this helps keeps tracking costs to a minimum.

FlightAwareLogoBodyFor more information, please contact v2track.

More information about FlightAware is available at


Last week v2track become an approved ‘AFAMS’ tracking provider.

The Australian Fire Aircraft Monitoring System (AFAMS) is the national aircraft tracking and event logging system for aeroplanes, helicopters and ground-based vehicles on contract to the Australian National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC).

With this approval, v2track’s Hybrid Satellite/Cellular GPS tracker can now be used to provide real-time positioning data to AFAMS. In ‘v2track viewer’, v2track’s web interface, the owner of the aircraft or vehicle can dynamically opt-in and out of sharing the data so that it is only sent to AFAMS for the duration of their current firefighting contract.

v2track’s Next Generation Hybrid Sat/Cell technology utilises cost effective and rapid cellular transmissions whenever possible, backed up with the reliability of a satellite data link for complete tracking in every location. While operating in cellular coverage, positioning information is transmitted every 15 seconds (or faster) via cellular data, seamlessly switching to Iridium satellite for 2 minute (or faster) updates when it loses cellular signal. There is reasonable cellular coverage at altitude around many remote areas in Australia so this helps keeps tracking costs to a minimum.

For more information, please contact v2track.

More information about AFAMS is available at


v2track has just released an open messaging API (Application Programming Interface) for its v2track Sat/Cell Hardware.  This allows v2track Users and 3rd Party software developers to integrate their own phone and tablet apps (iPad, Android and Windows) with their v2track tracking hardware out in the field via Bluetooth or direct RS232 serial link.

One of the favourite features of our tracking system is the ability to use a comprehensive messaging system for fleet dispatch and keeping in touch with your staff while in or near the vehicle, boat or aircraft.

v2track already provides an LCD screen and mini keypad combo or a basic phone and tablet messaging app for some platforms, however many clients have company specific data they want to generate and send back to base directly from their own applications.  It makes sense to allow a 3rd party solution to compliment what we already have and be able to transmit their data directly via the v2track system since it has 100% coverage with hybrid satellite and cellular connectivity.

In the development of the API we have worked closely with some interested clients to open up the interface to allow them to connect to our device and send and receive the information they require.

One such client operates aircraft over remote jungles in South East Asia.  They have developed a company specific iPad EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) for their pilots for flight planning, performance calculations and passenger manifests.  The v2Connect API has given them a way to send this data back through the v2track system before takeoff from a remote airstrip.  Operations staff can now monitor the fuel, passenger numbers, weight, balance and destination of the flights as they progress.

Please contact us if you are interested in integrating the v2Connect API with your device or applications.


v2track has been developing its hybrid Asset Tracking Systems (ATS) for over 8 years. First focusing on aircraft, then trucking and now the system is successfully deployed in a number of forestry assets. Owners and operators of haulers, harvesters and other vehicles are getting real time information about what is happening out in the forest on their computers and mobile devices.

An ATS uses a combination of GPS technology and in most instances either cellular data or Iridium satellite to track vehicles, planes, boats, and other assets. The unit links into a variety of machine sensors to intelligently determine the operation location, running hours and performance of an asset in real time. While most ATS systems are either cell or sat based, the v2track system incorporates both cellular data and Iridium satellite technology to seamlessly switch between cellular and Iridium satellite data networks. This hybrid creates a cost effective and never out of reach ATS that includes messaging and key sensor monitoring.

Multiple users can log in at the same time via computer, tablet or smartphone. The website displays realtime data in both map and key data formats and also functions as a hub of the two way text message system for fleet managers. In addition messages can be automatically routed between trackers and to and from cellular phones which the manager supervising the message process can control.

  • Real-time Asset Tracking
  • Monitor Running Hours
  • View Asset History
  • Send/Receive Messages
  • Hybrid (Cellular & Iridium) Tracking
  • Custom Alerts & Sensor Monitoring

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